What Is the Accounting Equation? Examples & Balance Sheet

Our popular accounting course is designed for those with no accounting background or those seeking a refresher. Shareholder Equity represents the net or book value of a business. If you want to know more about accounting errors and how to spot them, we recommend reading Common Accounting Errors – A Practical Guide With Examples. For […]

What is Net Working Capital NWC: Meaning, Formula, Example & Ratio

If it has substantial cash reserves, it may have enough cash to rapidly scale up the business. Conversely, a tight working capital situation makes it quite unlikely that a business has the financial means to accelerate its rate of growth. In other words, a company’s ability to meet short-term financial obligations. In other words, a […]

Gross vs Net Income: Understanding the Bottom Line

The business owner pays income taxes based on their total income from all sources, including net income from their business, income as an employee, and income on investments. Gross income and net income for tax reporting purposes and financial statements are typically income and expenses from the business’s operations. This income is usually separated from […]

U S. fines three Chinese accounting firms $7.9 million for violating securities laws

Kansas City Business Solutions is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Addfi Tax is bookkeeping services provider that caters to commercial establishments in Sacramento. Its services include comprehensive payroll management, tax preparation, tax relief, issue mitigation, audits, and new business formation. Clients with IRS issues can also seek the company’s assistance in non-filing, back taxes, IRS seizures, […]