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Supporting Youth Nurtures Education, Recreation & Giving In Communities

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Profitable Fundraising Promotions to assist families and organizations with their funding needs.

Supporting Youth serves the fundraising needs of families and educators in three areas

1 – Not-for-Profit Groups Clubs and Organizations

2 – The Supporting Youth Fundraising Club (Anyone can fundraise through the Club)

3 – The SYNERGIC Alliance Program


Groups Clubs and Organizations

Supporting Youth provides fundraising products, programs and events to positive youth groups such as school clubs and organizations, community and private clubs and organizations, church youth groups and charitable youth organizations.

The Supporting Youth Fundrasing Club

The Supporting Youth Fundraising Club offers a way for all families to take control of fundraising. Through the Club they can take advatange of a scheduled monthly fundraiser if they choose. They can pick the ones they want to be involved in. Club families also are given a fundraising website that they canearn money and invite people too through their social media. Funds earned throught he Club may also be used to help to pay for non not-for-profit programs their youth are in. Even private for private lessons such as pianom dance and martial arts.

The SYNERGIC Alliance Program

Supporting Youth Nurtures Education Recreation & Giving In Communities (its referred to as our SYNERGIC alliance program). Through this program we bring the community together to provide – teaching aids to educators, sports programs for youth and orchestrate local financial support and scholarships for youth.