Those families that see the benefits for their children involved in positive youth programs that either need financial assistance to do so and/or see the value in having their children work/earn for what they get.

Youth and their families are divided into basically three groups:

1. Those families that can afford and choose to pay for their children to be involved in positive youth programs. These youth are most likely to have a successful and productive life because of the example and financial support from their parents and their social circles of influence.

2. Those families that feel it should be given to them. Unfortunately these youth generally adopt this same attitude throughout life.

3. The third group is divided into two subgroups: (Our Niche)

a. Those families that have sufficient finances however chose to have their children develop the many values of working for what they want.

b. Those families that do not have the finances, who are willing to work for what they want, but need a productive avenue to do so.

Note: The youth in these two subgroups (3a & 3b) develop unique, positive lifelong characteristics that can’t be obtained in any other way.