One of our biggest and most appealing activities, which is maybe our easiest to put together, is our Supporting Youth Fundraising Barbeque!

In one activity, you can generate several thousand dollars for the  uniforms, equipment, instruments, or whatever your group needs.

How easy is this to do?

We use social media/email to sell tickets.
Select a meal from our menu.
You find a venue to hold the dinner.
Consider some entertainment for fun.
Add a silent auction for more income.

We are offering this event across the Wasatch Front, from Logan to Santaquin.

We partner with Home on the Range Catering.

With their custom-built barbecue, everything can be hot and ready at
the start of the event.

And with the help of your youth, dinner will be served in no time!

To contact our local Representative to get more info and schedule your date