The SYNERGIC Alliance Program

SYNERGIC – Supporting Youth Nurtures Education Recreation & Giving In Communities

The SYNERGIC Alliance program helps parents and educators foster the academic and physical development of youth through education aids and recreation. Through this program Supporting Youth brings the community together to provide teaching aids to educators and sports programs for youth.

There are 3 ways that parents and educators can Our Educational & Recreational Programs

1. Education aids and other items can be purchased through the Supporting Youth online store

2. Supporting Youth offers an easy fundraising promotion to cover expenses

3. The Supporting Youth Network promotes Giving In Communities by acquiring sponsors to help with the costs

A few Examples of ways Supporting Youth helps with Education, and Recreation


The Avocado Boat

We offer parents and elementary school teachers an educational program to teach and show children about plant growth.

Wooden Indian Flutes

We offer parents and elementary school teachers wooden flute kits where the children are able to complete sanding and staining their flute. They then are taught how to play them.


SNAG – Starting New At Golf

We offer parents and elementary schools a SNAG set for their physical education program. SNAG can also be used as a family fun fundraising event.