Supporting Youth Nurtures Education, Recreation & Giving In Communities (SYNERGIC)
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Professional Fundraising Programs & Events

For youth Groups, Charitable Organizations, Families and Individuals

Helping Youth Develop Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth & Positive Lifelong Characteristics

Through helping fund involvement in positive youth programs and private instruction

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Youth Group Fundraising

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Supporting Youth

A SYNERGIC Alliance of Individuals, Companies and Organizations that Support Youth

Charitable Organizations

As a professional fundraising company, Supporting Youth can furnish profitable fundraising programs, products & events for charitable youth groups, clubs & organizations.

Such as groups in Schools and Churches

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Families and Individuals

A not-for-profit fundraising club where club where individuals and families can fundraise and direct the money they earn to go towards theirs or their families youth programs and private instruction.

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Youth Oriented, but not a Charitable Organization

SY Charities Inc. is a fiscal sponsor of groups/clubs that support youth, whose focus is in harmony with that of SY Charities Inc.

A Fiscal Sponsorship allows groups and clubs that do not have a charitable status to have one through SY Charities Inc.

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Supporting Youth

Has a Fundraising Gateway Tailored Just For You